Shengnan Yu

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Metallic nanotubes represent a class of hollow nanostructures with unique catalytic properties. However, the wet-chemical synthesis of metallic nanotubes remains a substantial challenge, especially for those with dimensions below 50 nm. This communication describes a simultaneous alloying-etching strategy for the synthesis of Pt nanotubes with open ends by(More)
The sulfur in gasoline will convert to SO(2) after combustion under high temperature, which adversely affects human health and the environment. Membrane technique in particular pervaporation offers a number of potential advantages over conventional FCC gasoline desulfurization processes. The present study focuses on the performance enhancement of PDMS(More)
For the large-scale commercial application of Pt-based catalysts, minimizing the usage of Pt while retaining the high catalytic activity is crucial. The fabrication of Pd@Pt core-shell structures, good control of surface atom arrangement, and the formation of an alloy structure with 3d transition metals have been approved as efficient approaches to address(More)
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