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Highly efficient piezotronic strain sensors with symmetrical Schottky contacts on the monopolar surface of ZnO nanobelts.
Piezotronic strain sensors have drawn a lot of attention since the piezotronic theory was established. In this work, we developed a flexible piezotronic strain sensor based on an indium-doped ZnOExpand
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A self-powered strain senor based on a ZnO/PEDOT:PSS hybrid structure
We report a self-powered strain sensor based on ZnO/PEDOT:PSS hybrid structure on a flexible polystyrene substrate. The electrical transport of the hybrid structure was modulated by the strain. TheExpand
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Persuasive Technology Based on Bodily Comfort Experiences: The Effect of Color Temperature of Room Lighting on User Motivation to Change Room Temperature
In this paper we propose a new perspective on persuasive technology: Comfort-Experience-Based Persuasive Technology. We argue that comfort experiences have a dominant influence on people’s (energyExpand
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A Network of Type III Bricard Linkages
Among Bricard’s overconstrained 6R linkages, the third type has two collapsed configurations, where all joint axes are coplanar. The paper presents a one-degree-of-freedom network of such linkages.Expand
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A high accurate vehicle speed estimation method
In this paper, we present a novel approach for accurate vehicle speed estimation from video sequences. Common methods usually track sets of distinguishing features; however, feature extraction is aExpand
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Highly transparent triboelectric nanogenerator for harvesting water-related energy reinforced by antireflection coating
Water-related energy is an inexhaustible and renewable energy resource in our environment, which has huge amount of energy and is not largely dictated by daytime and sunlight. The transparentExpand
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Piezotronic interface engineering on ZnO/Au-based Schottky junction for enhanced photoresponse of a flexible self-powered UV detector.
Exploiting piezoelectric effect to engineer material interface has been confirmed as a promising way to optimize the performance of optoelectronic devices. Here, by using this effect, we have greatlyExpand
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Enhanced performance of ZnO piezotronic pressure sensor through electron-tunneling modulation of MgO nanolayer.
Piezoelectric materials can be applied into electromechanical conversion and attract extensive attention with potential applications in various sensors. Here, we present two types of piezotronicExpand
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Multi-unit hydroelectric generator based on contact electrification and its service behavior
Abstract Water is one of the most abundant energy sources in our environment and hydroelectric power has been one of the main forms of macro-energy supply. However, for harvesting green micro-energyExpand
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Integrated active sensor system for real time vibration monitoring
We report a self-powered, lightweight and cost-effective active sensor system for vibration monitoring with multiplexed operation based on contact electrification between sensor and detected objects.Expand
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