Shengnan Gao

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As a special anonymous signature, the blindness of blind signatures makes it to play an important role in electronic commerce. Sometimes, we need a blind signature under the multiple signers. However, to the best of our knowledge, the research on the blind signer for multiple signers is much less. In this paper, we propose a novel blind signature scheme for(More)
As a special digital signature, blind signature allowsallows a user to get a signature without giving the signerany information about the actual message or the resultingsignature. Unforgeability is an important property of blindsignature, it assures that any one cannot produce a forgedsignature on a message in a blind signature except thesigner. Recently,(More)
On-line/off-line signature is an important cryptographic tool, it is widely applied to resource-constrained environment. Recently, an IDbased online/offline signature scheme was proposed for authentication in the AODV protocol. Unfortunately, we show that the scheme are insecure in the paper, it is universally forgeable and malleable. And we give a stronger(More)
Random access delay optimization of PDT digital trunking system is mainly studied by the methods of rolling access frame in this research. Based on Markov chain and queue theory models, the impact of random access frame length and waiting time on signaling delay in PDT protocol is analyzed. The results show that under light traffic load condition, the long(More)
As a special digital signature, the blindness of blind signatures can protect the signed contents, this property makes it to distinguishe from the other signatures. And it makes it play an important role in plays a central role in applications such as electronic electronic voting and electronic cash system. Recently, Huang and Wang propose a(More)
Digital signature is an important cryptographical tool. In a digital signature with using self-certified public key, the verification signature and public key can be carried out in a logic step. Recently, Tseng et al proposed a digital signature schemes with using self-certified public key. Unfortunately, Shao showed that the scheme was insecure, and(More)