Shengmin Zhang

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Hydroxyapatite (HA) doped with trace elements has attracted much attention recently owing to its excellent biological functions. Herein, we use a facile co-precipitation method to incorporate selenium into HA by adding sodium selenite during synthesis. The obtained selenium-substituted HA products are needle-like nanoparticles which have  size and(More)
This review discusses about biomimetic medical materials for tissue engineering of bone and cartilage, after previous scientific commentary of the invitation-based, Korea-China joint symposium on biomimetic medical materials, which was held in Seoul, Korea, from October 22 to 26, 2015. The contents of this review were evolved from the presentations of that(More)
A folate-polyethylene glycol-chitosan derivative was synthesized and its structure was characterized. An optimal perfluorooctyl bromide nanocore template was obtained via utilizing the ultrasonic emulsification method combining with orthogonal design. The targeted nanoparticles containing targeted shell of folate-polyethylene glycol-chitosan derivative and(More)
This paper produces some skills and technique to solve the problem of turning 3D model solid into views of AutoCAD. Introduce 3D modeling function to engineering graphics course. Based on practice, offer some contents and elaborate how to make good use of the 3D CAD technology efficiently. Finally, according to the experiment, prove that the application is(More)
BACKGROUND Reconstruction materials currently used in clinical for osteoarticular tuberculosis (TB) are unsatisfactory due to a variety of reasons. Rifampicin (RFP) is a well-known and highly effective first-line anti-tuberculosis (anti-TB) drug. Poly-DL-lactide (PDLLA) and nano-hydroxyapatite (nHA) are two promising materials that have been used both for(More)
We introduce our active experts' communications and reviews (Part II) of 2015 Korea-China Joint Symposium on Biomimetic Medical Materials in Republic of Korea, which reflect their perspectives on current research trends of biomimetic medical materials for tissue regeneration in both Korea and China. The communications covered three topics of biomimetics,(More)
The authors analyze the current situation as to vocational training, point out the problems that restricting development of vocational education in colleges. Introduce virtual simulation technology and apply it to modern practical teaching. The popularization and application will improve education quality and efficiency.
Large bone defect creates an urgent need for osteogenic biomaterials. However, bone nonunion and infection are choke points in the therapy of this disease. How to recruit the mesenchymal stem cells to defect sites and increase the cell viability are the critical processes. One effective method was the fabrication of biomimetic silk fibrin/selenium-doped(More)
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