Shenglong Li

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—Nowadays, more and more enterprises and organizations are hosting their data into the cloud, in order to reduce the IT maintenance cost and enhance the data reliability. However, facing the numerous cloud vendors as well as their heterogenous pricing policies, customers may well be perplexed with which cloud(s) are suitable for storing their data and what(More)
To investigate whether the width of gastric serosal lesions in advanced gastric cancer patients have a predictive value for peritoneal recurrence and the 5-year survival rate.A total of 1109 patients with advanced noncardia primary gastric adenocarcinoma, who underwent curative gastrectomy between January 1997 and December 2007, were included. Data about(More)
The silkmoth chorion was studied extensively by F.C. Kafatos' group for almost 40 years. However, the complete structure of the chorion locus was not obtained in the genome sequence of Bombyx mori published in 2008 due to repetitive sequences, resulting in gaps and an incomplete view of the locus. To obtain the complete sequence of the chorion locus,(More)
Research Interests Data Center Storage: I am interested in data center storage, including new storage architecture, cost-efficient and power-efficient storage systems, cloud synchronization techniques and systems. Key-Value Store: I am also interested in (distributed) in-memory key-value store, key-value store for machine learning, key-value store for SSD,(More)
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