Shengling Lin

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Herein, we demonstrate that uniform Ag nanoparticles could be directionally grafted on the tip of ZnO nanowire arrays by a simple photo-reduction method. Furthermore, the structure, position, and amount of Ag nanoparticles supported on ZnO nanowire arrays could be further rationally tailored by changing the reaction parameters such as the category,(More)
Based on travel notes and reviews from the Ctrip website, this paper have made a word segmentation and frequency statistics on collected samples, extracted feature words of high frequency and established a travel decision-making system. Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process (FAHP) is applied in calculating and normalizing the factors' weight. According to the(More)
As one of the most important potential candidate alloys for vascular stent application, Mg-Y-Zr based Mg-4.2wt%Y-2.4wt%Nd-0.6wt%Ce(La)-0.5wt%Zr (WE43) alloys were investigated in combination with the forming processes of micro-tubes with 2.0 mm diameter and 0.1 mm wall thickness. Orthogonal experimental design for alloy composition, vacuum melting ingot,(More)
The algorithm research of Traveling Companion is based on the fuzzy clustering analysis. The traveling companion is achieved via determining companion's characteristic index, tourists' information collection, dynamic fuzzy clustering analysis and finding optimal companion. In addition, it is aimed at solving the problems emerged in the tour and providing(More)
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