Shengli Wan

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Coverage is one of the key issues to achieve energy efficiency of a wireless sensor network. Sensor scheduling is one of the most important methods to solve coverage problems. It can ensure the coverage degree of a region and prolong the network lifetime. In this paper, we focus on the k-coverage scheduling problem to guarantee k-coverage sensing and(More)
The purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate the azithromycin cationic non-lecithoid nano/microparticles with high bioavailability and lung targeting efficiency. The cationic niosomes with different sizes (AMCNS-S and AMCNS-L) along with varied built-in characteristics were produced to achieve high bioavailability and lung targeting efficiency of(More)
Enzyme therapy has unique advantages over traditional chemotherapies for the treatment of hyperuricemia, but overcoming the delivery obstacles of therapeutic enzymes is still a significant challenge. Here, we report a novel and superior system to effectively and safely deliver therapeutic enzymes. Nanosomal microassemblies loaded with uricase (NSU-MAs) are(More)
Battery recovery effect is a phenomenon that the available capacity of a battery could increase if the battery can sleep for a while since its last discharging. Accordingly, the battery can work for a longer time when it takes some rest between consecutive discharging processes than when it works all the time. However, to the best of our knowledge, this(More)
The goal of this study was to evaluate the enhanced catalytic activity, increased stability, in vitro anti-cancer effects on H446 cells and in vivo bioavailability of novel enzyme delivery nanovesicles (l-asparaginase containing chitosan modified lipid nanovesicles, ACLNs) when administered intravenously. It was the first time for the chitosan-modified(More)
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