Shengli Tian

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The disclosure of individuals' sensitive values is a potentially serious problem in privacy preserving data publishing. The popular ℓ-diversity model is able to prevent victim' sensitive value from being revealed with a certainty higher than 1/ℓ. But, the anonymized tables with ℓ-diversity generated by the methods, such as(More)
In privacy preserving data publishing, to reduce the correlation loss between sensitive attribute (SA) and nonsensitive attributes (NSAs), caused by anonymization methods (such as generalization, anatomy, slicing and randomization, etc.), the records with same NSAs values should be divided into same blocks with the demands of ℓ-diversity. However,(More)
Based on cloud transform and noclassical relation database theory,the paper define cloud relation model and discuss the significance of cloud relation model.At the same time ,based on cloud relation model,the paper ameliorate the way of qualitative estimate about student scores,conquer the subjective factor and presents the objective way of qualitative(More)
Chitosan is a natural biopolymer and is made up of D-glucosamine subunits linked by beta-(1,4) glycosidic bond. In recent years, the application of chitosan has attracted more and more attention because of its good biological function in cell biology. The properties of chitosan-based biomaterial are attributed to the physical properties and chemical(More)
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