Shenglan Zhao

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BACKGROUND Up to now, there has been no report on the taxonomic and functional analysis of the microbial community in fermenting puer tea by pyrosequencing. In this study, metagenomic pyrosequencing was first used in fermenting puer tea to delineate a relatively comprehensive overview of the microbial taxonomy while also preliminarily characterising the(More)
The interactions between trypsin and gallic acid (GA) were investigated by means of fluorescence spectroscopy, UV-vis absorption spectroscopy, resonance light scattering (RLS) spectroscopy, synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy, and enzymatic inhibition assay. It was found that GA can cause the fluorescence quenching of trypsin during the process of(More)
OBJECTIVE To study anti-HIV activity and mechanism of Cynanchum otophyllum glucan sulfate in vitro. METHOD Anti-HIV-1 activity was detected with syncytial formation assay and quantitative P24 enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA); cytotoxicity was tested with MTT colorimetric assay. Antiviral mechanism was investigated by fusion inhibition, time of(More)
OBJECTIVE The root of Cynanchum otophyllum-also known as Qing Yang Sheng-is a traditional ethnical Chinese medicine. The objective of this study was to evaluate in vitro activities and safety of C. otophyllum glucan sulfate (PS20) against Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). MATERIALS AND METHODS Anti-HIV activity was(More)
The sequences of the 16S rRNA genes from 38 strains of the family Thermaceae were compared by alignment analysis. The genus-specific and species-specific base substitutions or base deletions (signature positions) were found in three hypervariable regions (in the helices 6, 10 and 17). The differentiation of secondary structures of the high variable regions(More)
Rhizoma Gastrodiae (Tianma) of different variants and different geographical origins has vital difference in quality and physiological efficacy. This paper focused on the classification and identification of Tianma of six types (two variants from three different geographical origins) using three dimensional synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy (3D-SFS)(More)
CONTEXT Walnut is a traditional food as well as a traditional medicine recorded in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia; however, the large amounts of walnut flour (WF) generated in walnut oil production have not been well utilized. OBJECTIVE This study maximized the total polyphenolic yield (TPY) from the walnut flour (WF) by optimizing simultaneous(More)
Evidence suggests that dietary walnuts are able to induce improvements in memory and learning functions. In addition, polyphenols have been shown to modulate critical neuronal signalling pathways involved in processes of learning and memory. The aim of our present work was to study the effect of polyphenol extracts from walnut testa (42%) on learning and(More)
In the title compound, C32H32N2, synthesized by the con-densation reaction of 2-ethyl-4-phenyl-aniline and 2,3-butane-dione, the conformation about the C=N bonds is E and the substituted biphenyl units are trans to one another. In the two biphenyl ring systems, the planes of the two rings are inclined to one another by 25.25 (19) and 28.01 (19)°. The planes(More)
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