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—By analyzing threatens faced by the secure chip nowadays , we point out several disadvantages existing in current commonly adopted settle means, and present a system architecture scheme of the secure chip based on the trusted computing theory. This scheme, which can satisfy the requests of code downloaded by the user himself and multi-cryptographic(More)
In this paper, a nonlinear robust control scheme is considered for a planar gantry crane system. The influence of motion friction and viscous friction of the linear motor and viscous friction of the cable is investigated under different operating conditions. Then, the Lagrange motion equation of the planar gantry crane is setup, which can be described as a(More)
In dual closed loop direct current governor system, startup current is usually much larger than rated current so that current restricting problem must be considered during startup stage of direct current motor. In this paper, a dual closed loop robust control scheme is presented for a direct current governor system with input constraints by using robust(More)
Yu-Tao Loo (1906–1985) (Fig. 1) was one of the Chinese neuropsychologists who acted as a pioneer of structure and functions studies of human cerebral cortex (Qian 2013) in China. Loo made great contributions in laying a solid foundation for neuroanatomy and physiological psychology in China. Meanwhile, his academic research broadened the horizons of this(More)
In this paper, an adaptive output following control based on support vector machine (SVM) is proposed for a networked cooling process. Firstly, an approximated linear model of the cooling process is built through some thermal laws, where some parameters of the system are varied during operation. The parameters are identified by using SVM method. Based on(More)