Shengjuan Jiang

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Several adult reptiles, such as Gekko japonicus, have the ability to precisely re-create a missing tail after amputation. To ascertain the associated acquisition of positional information from blastemal cells and the underlying molecular mechanism of tail regeneration, a candidate molecule CD59 was isolated from gecko. CD59 transcripts displayed a graded(More)
Hericium erinaceus is an important mushroom with edible values and medicinal properties. Both the mycelium and the fruiting bodies contain many bioactive compounds with drug efficacy. Recent evidence demonstrates that it is helpful to various diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, immunoregulatory, and many types of cancer. Furthermore, emerging pieces of(More)
A cDNA clone encoding an amphioxus fatty acid binding protein-like (AmphiFABPL) protein was isolated from a gut cDNA library of Branchiostoma belcheri. It contained a 423 bp open reading frame corresponding to a deduced protein of 140 amino acids with a predicted molecular mass of approximately 15.9 kDa. Phylogenetic analysis showed that AmphiFABPL fell(More)
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