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Amnestic mild cognitive impairment (MCI) might be more likely to progress to Alzheimer's disease than single non-memory MCI and multiple domain MCI. After excluding those who did not conform to the inclusion criteria of amnestic MCI or healthy controls, a neuropsychologic battery that included the Mini-Mental State Examination, Clinical Dementia Rating,(More)
– We present a multiple-channel video transmission scheme in wireless CDMA networks over multipath fading channels. We map an embedded video bitstream, which is encoded into multiple independently decodable layers by 3D-ESCOT video coding technique, to multiple CDMA channels. Each video source layer is protected by a product channel code structure. For a(More)
Interaction of myeloma cells with osteoclasts (OC) can enhance tumor cell expansion through activation of complex signaling transduction networks. Both cells reside in the bone marrow, a hypoxic niche. How OC-myeloma interaction in a hypoxic environment affects myeloma cell growth and their response to drug treatment is poorly understood. In this study, we(More)
—This paper proposes an optimization scheme on uplink pilots time interval (UPTI) in terms of maximum average post–processing SNR (signal to noise ratio) for a time division duplex (TDD) multiple input single output (MISO) beamforming system with channel estimation error and delay. In TDD system, the base station estimates the channel state information(More)