Shengjie Xu

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A novel series of 4-pyrazolyl-1,8-naphthalimide derivatives have been designed and facilely synthesized. For anticancer activity in vitro, most of the compounds were found to be more toxic against human mammary cancer cells (MCF-7) than human cervical carcinoma cells (Hela) and human lung cancer cells (A549). Compounds 4i, 4h, 4b and 4a showed improved(More)
Flowerlike gold nanoparticles (Au NPs)/reduced graphene oxide (RGO) composites were fabricated by a facile, one-pot, environmentally friendly method in the presence of regenerated silk fibroin (RSF). The influences of reaction time, temperature, and HAuCl(4): RGO ratio on the morphology of Au NPs loaded on RGO sheets were discussed and a tentative mechanism(More)
A novel series of N-arylpyrazole derivatives (5a–5d, 7a–7c) has been designed and synthesized via aromatic substitution reaction of N-nonsubstituted pyrazoles with 4-fluoronitrobenzene in the presence of base. The structures of these compounds were established on the basis of elemental (C, H, and N) and spectral analysis (1H NMR, 13C NMR, HRMS, and FT-IR).(More)
A facile poly(vinylpyrrolidone) (PVP)-assisted exfoliation method is utilized to simultaneously exfoliate and noncovalently modify MoSe2 nanosheets. The resultant hydrophilic nanosheets are shown to be promising candidates for biocompatible photothermal therapy (PTT) agents, and they could also be encapsulated into a hydrogel matrix for some intelligent(More)
In this study, ultra-thin and porous molybdenum selenide (MoSe2) nanosheets were prepared through a modified liquid exfoliation method as efficient electrocatalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). This novel structure enables the exposure of more catalytically active sites and moreover maintains effective electron transport, resulting in a small(More)
Boron nitride quantum dots are obtained by a facile sonication-solvothermal technique. They are proven to be promising fluorescent bioimaging probes for bioimaging with remarkably low cytotoxicity and easily integrated into high-performance proton exchange membranes. This work will probably trigger research interest in BN and its new applications in a(More)
In this study, uniform nitrogen-doped carbon quantum dots (N-CDs) were synthesized through a one-step solvothermal process of cyclic and nitrogen-rich solvents, such as N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) and dimethyl-imidazolidinone (DMEU), under mild conditions. The products exhibited strong light blue fluorescence, good cell permeability and low cytotoxicity.(More)
Three diaceno[a,e]pentalene analogues with pendant sterically bulky di-tert-butylphenyl groups have been designed and synthesized. With the extension of the conjugated molecular framework, the molecular arrangement is apparently tuned by the balance between the π-extended surface and pendant alkyl or aryl substituents. Theoretical calculations of the(More)
Herein, a Rh(III) -catalyzed stereocontrolled synthesis of benzo[k]fluoranthenes is reported. It was found that the unexpected E/Z isomerization was highly sensitive to the electronic effects of the substituents on the aryl groups. Theoretical calculations revealed that this controllable stereochemistry originates from the mediation of rhodacyclopentadiene(More)
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