Shengjie Lu

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Our studies show that VSi(12)(-) adopts a V-centered hexagonal prism with a singlet spin state. The addition of the second V atom leads to a capped hexagonal antiprism for V(2)Si(12)(-) in a doublet spin state. Most interestingly, V(3)Si(12)(-) exhibits a ferrimagnetic, bicapped hexagonal antiprism wheel-like structure with a total spin of 4 μ(B).
We present a combined experimental and theoretical study of ruthenium doped germanium clusters, RuGen(-) (n = 3-12), and their corresponding neutral species. Photoelectron spectra of RuGen(-) clusters are measured at 266 nm. The vertical detachment energies (VDEs) and adiabatic detachment energies (ADEs) are obtained. Unbiased CALYPSO structure searches(More)
Triangular meshes often contain a few salient features. Traditional deformation algorithms mainly preserve the local details and volume, thus producing unnatural results. This paper proposes a robust and effective algorithm to prevent the distortion of salient features. Firstly, the salient features can be automatically extracted through saliency-based(More)
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