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a mixed obstacle avoidance algorithm for intelligent vehicles to avoid dynamic obstacles is presented in uncertain environments. Traditional Vector Field Histogram method is combined with kalman prediction algorithm in this algorithm. The kalman predictor forecasts the optimal position estimation of dynamic obstacles at the next moment, then the intelligent(More)
Multi-carrier HF radar is making full use of cleared band to achieve range high resolution. Due to randomness of high frequency silence band, the paper adopts a multicarrier phase-coded (MCPC) signal structure to restrain the waveform spectra. We deduced the echo expression of the random discontinuous spectra MCPC signal, and analyzed the signal performance(More)
In order to enhance HF radar angle resolution, and overcome target RCS scintillations, we adopt the transmitting and receiving antennas sparse deployment under bistatic pattern, the element intervals far less than range from the target to transmitters and receiver, the transmitters emit multi-carrier frequencies. In this paper, we apply CVX theory to solve(More)
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