Shenghui Cheng

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Parallel coordinates, an important tool for multidimensional data visualization. The property axes of the traditional parallel coordinates are of equal length, which are restricted in many ways. This paper presents a parameterized parallel coordinates method by adjusting the parameters get by function to control the length of different axis. When the axial(More)
Numerous methods have been described that allow the visualization of the data matrix. But all suffer from a common problem - observing the data points in the context of the attributes is either impossible or inaccurate. We describe a method that allows these types of comprehensive layouts. We achieve it by combining two similarity matrices typically used in(More)
The interface of our system demonstrating the linked display functionality – the highlighted parts are linked with the chosen area. ABSTRACT Contextual layouts preserve the context of the data with the associated attributes (variables). However, their linear mapping causes errors in the layout – similar data points and variable nodes may not map to similar(More)
A concept of shape coordinates system for visualization of data set is proposed in this paper. First, the visualization data set, visualization graphics, visualization process and visualization space are defined. Then, the definition, mapping, operation, theorems, properties and algorithms of shape coordinates system are described. Finally an example to(More)
Figure 1: Block diagram of the workflow in our MemViz tool. ABSTRACT Our paper describes a framework that aids users in the creation of data visualizations augmented with chart junk. Chart junk refers to graphical decorations that are irrelevant to the data, but are meant to make the data graphics more interesting, giving rise to visualizations with low(More)
The growth of digital data is tremendous. Any aspect of life and matter is being recorded and stored on cheap disks, either in the cloud, in businesses, or in research labs. We can now afford to explore very complex relationships with many variables playing a part. But for this we need powerful tools that allow us to be creative, to sculpt this intricate(More)