Shenghong Li

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Recently, detecting the traces introduced by the content-preserving image manipulations has received a great deal of attention from forensic analyzers. It is well known that the median filter is a widely used nonlinear denoising operator. Therefore, the detection of median filtering is of important realistic significance in image forensics. In this letter,(More)
Community structure is a common and important property of complex networks. The detection of communities has great significance for understanding the function and organization of networks. Generally, community detection can be formulated as a modularity optimization problem. However, traditional modularity optimization based algorithms have the resolution(More)
Terpene synthases are responsible for the large diversity of terpene carbon skeletons found in plants. The unique, carbocationic reaction mechanism of these enzymes can form multiple products from a single prenyl diphosphate substrate. Two maize genes were isolated that encode very similar sesquiterpene synthases, TPS6 and TPS11, which both produce(More)