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This paper proposes a method of embedding a digital watermark image in video. In the watermarking, the decomposed watermark image with different resolution is embedded in the corresponding resolution of the decomposed video by means of multiresolution signal decomposing. The experimental results show that the proposed method is robust against the attack of(More)
This paper presents an identity-based blind multisignature from bilinear pairings with the idea of broadcasting multi-signature. The scheme uses identity-based public key instead of digital certification public key. It can omit the process of getting the public key from the system in verifying phase, which improves efficiency of the system and reduces the(More)
The subliminal channel is a covert communication channel constructed in public correspondence pattern. As a kind of the modern information hiding technology, it is used to transmit the secret information. In this paper, the subliminal channel in general ElGamal signature is analyzed. And the wideband and narrowband subliminal channel in the broadcast(More)
NTL (number theory library) is a C++ library, which is developed and maintained by New York University's Victor Shoup. It provides a number of algorithms about number theory and algebra. This paper presents a method for prime number generator which is based on NTL from the importance of generator, and give a real-time test to meet the actual applied require(More)
This paper presents an identity-based multi- signature scheme, including the signature protocol and the verification algorithm. Key feature of the proposed scheme is that, the length of the scheme has nothing to do with the number of signatories, and some calculations can be performed beforehand. In addition the security of the scheme is discussed. By(More)
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