Shengguo Zhu

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The Tri-State Median Filter (TSM), which incorporates the traditional standard median(SM) filter and the center weighted median (CWM) filter into image processing. TSM put the difference between the result of SM and CWM filters and the original value as a reference of noise detection, which preserves more image details and enhance the effect of the filter.(More)
Abstract. In this paper, we consider the 3-D compressible isentropic MHD equations with infinity electric conductivity. The existence of unique local classical solutions with vacuum is firstly established when the initial data is arbitrarily large, contains vacuum and satisfies some initial layer compatibility condition. The initial mass density needs not(More)
For the p-system with large BV initial data, an assumption introduced in [3] by Bakhvalov guarantees the global existence of entropy weak solutions with uniformly bounded total variation. The present paper provides a partial converse to this result. Whenever Bakhvalov’s condition does not hold, we show that there exist front tracking approximate solutions,(More)
It is well-known that singularity will develop in finite time for hyperbolic conservation laws from initial nonlinear compression no matter how small and smooth the data are. Classical results, including [P. Lax, J. Math. Phys., 5 (1964), pp. 611–614], [F. John, Comm. Pure Appl. Math., 27 (1974), pp. 377–405], [T. Liu, J. Differential Equations, 33 (1979),(More)
This paper mainly research on the situation assessment method. Since the situation assessment plays a key role in decision-making system, and the correct and effective intelligent decision has a direct decisive effect on winning in football matches. By using the Bayesian network framework to express the relation between events, and combining Conditional(More)
For the Euler equations of isentropic gas dynamics in one space dimension, also knowns as p-system in Lagrangian coordinate, it is known that the density can be arbitrarily close to zero as time goes to infinity, even when initial density is uniformly away from zero. In this paper, for uniform positive initial density, we prove the density in any Lipschitz(More)
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