Shenggang Li

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Recently, bipolar fuzzy sets have been studied and applied a bit enthusiastically and a bit increasingly. In this paper we prove that bipolar fuzzy sets and [0,1](2)-sets (which have been deeply studied) are actually cryptomorphic mathematical notions. Since researches or modelings on real world problems often involve multi-agent, multi-attribute,(More)
In this paper, synchronization for a class of uncertain fractional-order neural networks subject to external disturbances and disturbed system parameters is studied. Based on the fractional-order extension of the Lyapunov stability criterion, an adaptive synchronization controller is designed, and fractional-order adaptation law is proposed to update the(More)
In our real life, bipolar fuzzy theory is a core feature to be considered: positive information represents what is possible or preferred, while negative information represents what is forbidden or surely false. In this paper, we provide a general algebraic framework for handling bipolar information by combining the theory of bipolar fuzzy sets with(More)