Shengfu Lu

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Brain activation detection is an important problem in fMRI data analysis. In this paper, we propose a data-driven activation detection method called neighborhood one-class SVM (NOC-SVM). By incorporating the idea of neighborhood consistency into one-class SVM, the method classifies a voxel as an activated or non-activated voxel by its neighbor weighted(More)
In this chapter, we outline a vision of Web Intelligence (WI) research from the viewpoint of Brain Informatics (BI), a new inter-disciplinary field that systematically studies the mechanisms of human information processing from both the macro and micro viewpoints by combining experimental cognitive neuroscience with advanced information technology. BI(More)
This study evaluated the working memory performance of 18 patients experiencing their first onset of mild depression without treatment and 18 healthy matched controls. The results demonstrated that working memory impairment in patients with mild depression occurred when memorizing the position of a picture but not when memorizing the pictures themselves.(More)
The parahippocampal cortex (PHC) plays a key role in episodic memory, spatial processing, and the encoding of novel stimuli. Recent studies proposed that the PHC is largely involved in contextual associative processing. Consequently, the function of this region has been a hot debate in cognitive neuroscience. To test this assumption, we used two types of(More)