Shengfu Lu

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Previous studies of young people have revealed that the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) plays an important role in inductive reasoning. An fMRI experiment was performed in this study to examine whether the left DLPFC was involved in inductive reasoning of MCI patients and normal aging, and whether the activation pattern of this region was(More)
Brain activation detection is an important problem in fMRI data analysis. In this paper, we propose a data-driven activation detection method called neighborhood one-class SVM (NOC-SVM). By incorporating the idea of neighborhood consistency into one-class SVM, the method classifies a voxel as an activated or non-activated voxel by its neighbor weighted(More)
Although much has been known about how humans psychologically perform data-driven scientific discovery, less has been known about its brain mechanism. The number series completion is a typical data-driven scientific discovery task, and has been demonstrated to possess the priming effect, which is attributed to the regularity identification and its(More)
Although some preliminary spatial localization results have been reported, the temporal characteristics of human inductive reasoning process have not been investigated. In the present study, event-related potential (ERP) was used to explore the time course of inductive reasoning process. Based on pilot studies and some other related research, we(More)