Shengfeng Yang

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Nacre has attracted widespread interest because its unique hierarchical structure, which is assembled by 95 wt% brittle aragonite and 5 wt% soft organic materials, leads to several orders of improvement in fracture toughness. Apart from the well proposed toughening mechanisms such as mineral bridges and tablets interlocks, the organic materials including(More)
In this paper, we present the development of a concurrent atomistic-continuum (CAC) methodology for simulation of the grain boundary (GB) structures and their interaction with other defects in ionic materials. Simulation results show that the CAC simulation allows a smooth passage of cracks through the atomistic-continuum interface without the need for(More)
A theoretical analysis of the thermal effects of a circular bimorph piezoelectric actuator (CBPA) was performed. The circular bimorph structure consists of two flexible piezoelectric ceramic layers and one metallic layer in the middle, and is powered to produce flexural deformation. The CBPA, which may be a good match for large adaptive optics telescopes,(More)
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