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—With the rapid development of high-speed railway (HSR), how to provide the passengers with multimedia services has attracted increasing attention. A key issue is to develop an effective scheduling algorithm for multiple services with different quality of service (QoS) requirements. In this paper, we investigate the downlink service scheduling problem in(More)
In this paper, we consider delay-aware fair downlink scheduling with heterogeneous packet arrivals and delay requirements for a relay-assisted high-speed railway (HSR) network. Data packets from multi-users requests are delivered via the two-hop network architecture to achieve a high data transmission rate instead of direct transmission. Our objective is to(More)
—In this paper, we investigate the delay-aware dynamic resource management problem for multi-service transmission in high-speed railway wireless communications, with a focus on resource allocation among the services and power control along the time. By taking account of average delay requirements and power constraints, the considered problem is formulated(More)
This paper considers an energy-efficient packet scheduling problem over quasi-static block fading channels. The goal is to minimize the total energy for transmitting a sequence of data packets under the first-in-first-out rule and strict delay constraints. Conventionally, such design problem is studied under the assumption that the packet transmission rate(More)
Dense deployment of femtocells can cause serious intra-tier interference. In this paper, we propose a new cooperative approach for allowing the femtocell user equipments (FUEs) to merge into cooperative groups, i.e., coalitions, for the uplink transmissions in a femtocell network, so as to reduce the intra-tier interference and improve the system(More)
High-speed railway (HSR) communications will become a key feature supported by intelligent transportation communication systems. The increasing demand for HSR communications leads to significant attention on the study of radio resource management (RRM), which enables efficient resource utilization and improved system performance. RRM design is a challenging(More)