Shengfeng Qin

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This research explored a new direction of improving collaborative design by performance measurement. More specifically, a novel 3-dimensional performance measurement model is developed and the purpose of this model is to help project managers improve team collaboration by indicating strengths and weaknesses of team members during the project development(More)
The use of 3D avatars is becoming more frequent with the development of computer technology and the internet. To meet users’ requirements, some software or programs have allowed users to customize the avatar. However, users are only able to customize the avatar using the pre-defined accessories such as hair, clothing and so on. That is, users have limited(More)
This paper describes a new method for recognizing overtraced strokes to 2D geometric primitives, which are further interpreted as 2D line drawings. This method can support rapid grouping and fitting of overtraced polylines or conic curves based on the classified characteristics of each stroke during its preprocessing stage. The orientation and its endpoints(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to investigate how to measure collaborative design performance and, in turn, improve the final design output during a design process, with a clear objective to develop a design performance measurement (DPM) matrix to measure design project team members' design collaboration performances. Design/methodology/approach –(More)