Shengchun Yang

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Demand response (DR) programs provide an effective approach for dealing with the challenge of wind power output fluctuations. Given that uncertain DR, such as price elastic load (PEL), plays an important role, the uncertainty of demand response behavior must be studied. In this paper, a multi-objective stochastic optimization problem of PEL is proposed on(More)
In this paper, a two-stage stochastic unit commitment (UC) model considering flexible scheduling of demand response (DR) is proposed. In the proposed UC model, the DR resources can be scheduled: (1) in the first stage, as resources on a day-ahead basis to integrate the predicted wind fluctuation with lower uncertainty; (2) in the second stage, as resources(More)
Thermostatically controlled loads (TCLs), such as air conditioners (ACs), are important demand response resources—they have a certain heat storage capacity. A change in the operating status of an air conditioner in a small range will not noticeably affect the users' comfort level. Load control of TCLs is considered to be equivalent to a power plant of the(More)
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