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We developed a powerful expression system to produce aptamers and other types of functional RNA in yeast to examine their effects. Utilizing the intron homing process, the aptamer-coding sequences were integrated into hundreds of rRNA genes, and the aptamers were transcribed at high levels by RNA polymerase I without any additional promoter being introduced(More)
According to the recruitment model of transcriptional activation, an activator helps initiate transcription by bringing the RNA polymerase to a specific location on the DNA through interaction with components of the transcriptional machinery. However, it is difficult to isolate and define the activities of specific activator-target pairs experimentally(More)
A small subpopulation of cancer cells with stem cell-like features might be responsible for tumour generation, progression, and chemoresistance. Hes1 influences the maintenance of certain stem cells and progenitor cells and the digestive systems. We found upregulated Hes1 in poorly differentiated cancer samples compared with well-differentiated tumour(More)
BACKGROUND With the increase of motor vehicles, ambient air pollution related to traffic exhaust has become an important environmental issue in China. Because of their fast growth and development, children are more susceptible to ambient air pollution exposure. Many chemicals from traffic exhaust, such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and lead, have(More)
Two strategies of phytoextraction have been shown to have promise for practical soil remediation: domestication of natural hyperaccumulators and bioengineering plants with the genes that allow natural hyperaccumulators to achieve useful phytoextraction. Because different elements have different value, some can be phytomined for profit and others can be(More)
With the rapid development of high-speed railway, the safety running of trains becomes extremely urgent. Video is a direct and effective manner for railway environment monitoring. In this paper, we propose a route panoramic representation to produce a virtual environment of the railway scene from a train-borne video, which provides an all-round display for(More)
A patrol type of surveillance has been performed everywhere from police city patrol to railway inspection. Different from static cameras or sensors distributed in a space, such surveillance has its benefits of low cost, long distance, and efficiency in detecting infrequent changes. However, the challenges are how to archive daily recorded videos in the(More)
Photodynamic therapy is a potentially advantageous treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers. We evaluated the clinical response, recurrence and adverse events of photodynamic therapy for in situ extramammary Paget's disease in 14 male and 3 female Chinese patients with 21 lesions. Topical 20% 5-aminolevulinic acid was applied for 6 h. Each lesion was(More)
Nowadays, how to evaluate image quality reasonably is a basic and challenging problem. In view of the present no reference evaluation methods, they cannot reflect the human visual perception of image quality accurately. In this paper, we propose an efficient general-purpose no reference image quality assessment (NRIQA) method based on visual perception, and(More)