Shengchuan Zhang

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Face sketch synthesis has wide applications in digital entertainment and law enforcement. Although there is much research on face sketch synthesis, most existing algorithms cannot handle some nonfacial factors, such as hair style, hairpins, and glasses if these factors are excluded in the training set. In addition, previous methods only work on well(More)
Heterogeneous image conversion is a critical issue in many computer vision tasks, among which example-based face sketch style synthesis provides a convenient way to make artistic effects for photos. However, existing face sketch style synthesis methods generate stylistic sketches depending on many photo-sketch pairs. This requirement limits the(More)
Face sketch synthesis (FSS) has great significance to sketch based face retrieval or recognition and digital entertainment. Recently, great progress has been made in face sketch synthesis. Most state-of-the-art FSS methods work at patch level. However, these methods only consider either position constraint or global search when selecting candidate image(More)
Face sketch synthesis has important practical applications. Although existing face sketch synthesis methods have made great progress, these approaches ignore the direction of sketch textures. Particularly, they simply apply Euclidean distance of intensities to measure the similarity of image patches. This will result in the inconsistency of texture(More)
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