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Based on its enticing properties, graphene has been envisioned with applications in the area of electronics, photonics, sensors, bio-applications and others. To facilitate various applications, doping has been frequently used to manipulate the properties of graphene. Despite a number of studies conducted on doped graphene regarding its electrical and(More)
This paper introduces a design method and a hardware circuit of burglar alarm circuit based on the magnetic field sensor, which can be used to achieve the protection of valuables. The circuit design is ingenious, and has the characteristics of simple structure, light weight, small size, timeliness, high sensitivity and low cost. It has been proved to have a(More)
Acceleration is a significant parameter for monitoring the status of a given objects. This paper presents a novel linear acceleration sensor that functions via a unique physical mechanism, the resonant optical tunneling effect (ROTE). The accelerometer consists of a fixed frame, two elastic cantilevers, and a major cylindrical mass comprised of a resonant(More)
Hemolytic anemia intensity has been suggested as a vital factor for the growth of certain clinical complications of sickle cell disease. However, there is no effective and rapid diagnostic method. As a powerful platform for bio-particles testing, biosensors integrated with microfluidics offer great potential for a new generation of portable point of care(More)
p-Co₃O₄/n-TiO₂ nanoparticles (~400 nm) for photocatalysis were prepared via carbon assisted method and sol-gel method in this work. The paper also studied the application of visible light illuminated p-Co₃O₄/n-TiO₂ nanocomposites cocatalyst to the overall pure water splitting into H₂ and O₂. In addition, the H₂ evolution rate of the p-Co₃O₄/n-TiO₂(More)
The electrical characteristic test of nanowires is important in nano-materials research. The metal-semiconductor junction that is fabricated with semiconductor nanowire and metal probe in electrical test system has impact on the test result directly, therefore it's necessary to study I-V characteristics of the metal-semiconductor(M-S) junction. Si, ZnO, GaN(More)
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