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—It is infeasible to deploy dense sensor nodes with power supply for methane sensor network in laneway, because the laneway is narrow, and its environment with excessive dirt, dust, moisture is harsh. So, it is urgent for WSN in coal mine laneway to lower the energy cost. First, a hierarchy methane sensor networks topology and deployment is described in(More)
Modern communications, especially mobile communications, face unpredictable environments. Adaptation to unpredictable environments is necessary for modern communications. The communication systems self-tuning to track changes in the environments are called the adaptive communication systems. The systems can be viewed as a special kind of feedback control(More)
There are existing applications of underground sensing, such as soil monitoring for agriculture and air quality monitoring in underground coal mines. From a severely impaired underground channel to practical considerations such as power conservation. It is necessary to reexamine existing terrestrial WSN communication protocols and develop new protocols(More)
  • Shengbo Hu
  • 2009
— In this paper, a novel split-connection mechanism based on Satellite Transport Protocol (STP) is presented. First, a mathematical proof of split TCP improving TCP performance is given. Secondly, a novel split-connection comprising of an end-to-to connection and three sub-connections is presented. Using OPNET, the impact of packet losses in satellite is(More)
  • Shengbo Hu
  • 2009
—When radio waves pass through the solar corona and solar wind regions close to the Sun, strong scintillation effects appear at their amplitude, frequency and phase, especially in the regions very close to the Sun. This paper describes the effects in solar corona, and presents a Rician statistical model of the solar scintillation channel. The simulation(More)
Space networks can be viewed as comprising of space sensors, ground nodes, terrestrial sensors and satellites using the wireless/satellite medium. However, these increase security risks. Additionally, space networks are heterogeneous, where the capabilities of different network entities vary. Thus, a generic security solution for all communication(More)
It is very important to detect a collapse hole for coal mine workers. The possibility of detecting the collapse hole using WSN is presented, because the tunnel in coal mine is narrow and the poor working condition. Comparing three types of the hole detection methods, it is seen that the connectivity based methods are used to detect coal mine collapse better(More)
Insight concerning the switch in HIV-1 coreceptor use will lead to a better understanding of HIV-1 pathogenesis and host-virus dynamics. Predicting CXCR4 utilization by analyzing HIV-1 envelope consensus sequences is highly specific, but minority variants in the viral population are often missed resulting in low sensitivity. Commercial phenotypic assays are(More)
This paper introduced a remote monitor system of information appliance, it bases on the microprocessor of S3C2410 as the main controller and Linux as the embedded operate system. It represents the main function and composition of this system, through mounting the Web Server Boa and setting up the embedded remote visit and monitoring platform. Adopting HTML(More)