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The performance of traditional classifier skews towards the majority class for imbalanced data, resulting in high misclassification rate for minority samples. To solve this problem, a combination classification algorithm based on outlier detection and C4.5 is presented. The basic idea of the algorithm is to make the data distribution balance by grouping the(More)
System call trace is one of the behavior characteristics of system process. Each system call of the trace depends on several previous system calls. Using Markov model to capture such probabilistic characteristic of the system call is time consuming. Thus, we use Probabilistic Suffix Tree to extract this feature. PST is trained with the normal system call(More)
Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide with its low 5-year survival rate. Studies on the accuracy of let-7 family for human cancers have inconsistent conclusions, leading us to conduct this meta-analysis. This meta-analysis comprised of 11 studies from eight articles involving 805 cancer patients and 483 controls. The pooled parameters were as(More)
With the development of science and technology, many new academic terms emerge every day. But current available online or offline dictionaries can't translate some Chinese academic terms into English correctly. In this paper, we introduce our online Chinese-English academic dictionary that extracts the proper English term according to Chinese term from the(More)
In real-world applications, it has been observed that class imbalance (significant differences in class prior probabilities) may produce an important deterioration of the classifier performance, in particular with patterns belonging to the less represented classes. In this paper, we propose a Cluster-based Regrouping approach (CR) which divides the whole(More)
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