ShengLi Tzeng

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A microarray study may select different differentially expressed gene sets because of different selection criteria. For example, the fold-change and p-value are two commonly known criteria to select differentially expressed genes under two experimental conditions. These two selection criteria often result in incompatible selected gene sets. Also, in a(More)
Advances in molecular technology have shifted the development of new drugs towards precision medicine, identifying patient subgroups likely to benefit from a targeted treatment. Today, many cancer treatments are being developed for targeted therapies [1-8], in which only a subpopulation of patients is expected to benefit from the therapy. The term(More)
Many studies measure the same type of information longitudinally on the same subject at multiple time points, and clustering of such functional data has many important applications. We propose a novel and easy method to implement dissimilarity measure for functional data clustering based on smoothing splines and smoothing parameter commutation. This method(More)
Exploratory data analysis (EDA: Tukey, 1977) has been introduced and extensively used for more than 30 years yet boxplot and scatterplot are still the major EDA tools for visualizing continuous data in the 21st century. On the other hand, multiple correspondence analysis (MCA) type of methods and mosaic plots are most popular in practice for visualizing(More)
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