Sheng-xian Xie

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Flexible job-sop scheduling problem (FJSP) is based on the classical job-shop scheduling problem (JSP), however, it is even more harder than JSP because of the machine selection process in FJSP. In this paper, a particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm and a tabu search (TS) algorithm are integrated to solve the FJSP, the objective is to make the(More)
In this paper, we propose a hybrid Pareto-based artificial bee colony (HABC) algorithm for solving the multi-objective flexible job shop scheduling problem. In the hybrid algorithm, each food sources is represented by two vectors, i.e., the machine assignment vector and the operation scheduling vector. The artificial bee is divided into three groups,(More)
This paper researches on knowledge management system in product conceptual design. System framework is supported. This system includes four modules. First, translating and decomposing users’ design requirements using function-method tree. Second, using design case and constraint to describe the process of knowledge retrieval. One is to get the(More)
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