Sheng-nan Xu

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In this study, polyaniline coated SiO2 nanofibers (PANI/SiO2) was prepared by combining electrospinning technique with in-situ polymerization. The proposed strategy for the preparation of PANI/SiO2 can eliminate the aggregation of PANI and the yield of PANI/SiO2 was high. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images showed that PANI nanoparticles were(More)
All-trans-β-carotene has important functions of light collection and light protection, and it is also an important electrooptical material. The Raman spectra of polyenes are a result of the modulation effect of the π electron energy gap on the vibration of CC bonds, which associate with the external field. So it has higher theoretical significance and(More)
A newly improved one-pot method, based on "thiol-ene" click chemistry and sol-gel approach in microemulsion system, was developed for the preparation of C8/PO(OH)2-silica hybrid monolithic capillary column. The prepared monolith possesses large specific surface area, narrow mesopore size distribution and high column efficiency. The monolithic column was(More)
The present paper cited that R Tubino and other people introduced a kind of electron-phonon coupling constants with dimension, which can establish the relation with the Huang-Rhys factor and calculate the electron-phonon coupling constants of every C-C bond vibration mode. There are many reports about the visible absorption and Raman spectra of(More)
Beta-carotene is an important kind of polyene biomolecules, which has significant applications on researching optoelectronic and functional materials. In-situ high pressure Raman spectra of beta-carotene are measured in CS2 solution and water respectively at pressure range from 0-0.60 GPa. Then we compared both of them the Raman shift and CC bond of the(More)
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