Sheng-lin Wang

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OBJECTIVE To observe the movement of rat's tooth in the area of defective alveolar bone filled with bioglass in comparison with contralateral tooth. METHODS Forty female Wistar rats were selected. Defects in alveolar bones were created and filled with bioglass. Orthodontic appliances were fixed to mesially guide the maxillary first molars. RESULTS The(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the discrepancy between ICP and MCP caused by orthodontic treatment. to evaluate the treatment effect of the malocclusion with later orthodontic treatment. METHODS Nineteen cases were selected and treated with preadjusted appliance and combination headgear appliance.Pre- and post- treatment celphalometric radiographs were analyzed.(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the influence of pamidronate on cementoclast and osteoclast differentiation factor(ODF) expression during orthodontic tooth movement in rats. METHODS 24 female, 6-week-old SPF Wistar rats were selected and the animal models for orthodontic tooth movement were established. Each rat's maxillary was divided into experimental side and(More)
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