Sheng Zhu

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The fungus Marssonina brunnea is a causal pathogen of Marssonina leaf spot that devastates poplar plantations by defoliating susceptible trees before normal fall leaf drop. We sequence the genome of M. brunnea with a size of 52 Mb assembled into 89 scaffolds, representing the first sequenced Dermateaceae genome. By inoculating this fungus onto a poplar(More)
Small secreted proteins (SSPs) are employed by plant pathogenic fungi as essential strategic tools for their successful colonization. SSPs are often species-specific and so far only a few widely phylogenetically distributed SSPs have been identified. A novel fungal SSP family consisting of 107 members was identified in the poplar tree fungal pathogen(More)
Despite our expanding knowledge about the biochemistry of gene regulation involved in host-pathogen interactions, a quantitative understanding of this process at a transcriptional level is still limited. We devise and assess a computational framework that can address this question. This framework is founded on a mixture model-based likelihood, equipped with(More)
BACKGROUND Internet addiction can seriously affect the social functioning and studies of college students in China but measures for addressing this problem have not yet been developed or tested. OBJECTIVE Assess the personality characteristics of college students with internet addiction. METHODS Two self-report scales, the Tridimensional Personality(More)
BACKGROUND Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) have multiple impairments in movement, in learning, and in the activities of daily living. Studies from other countries have associated these impairments with cognitive function, particularly executive functioning, but these findings have not been confirmed in China. AIM Compare the(More)
In the title compound, C(32)H(16)S(4)·1.5C(6)H(6), the substituted cyclo-octa-tetra-ene (COT) ring compound has approximate local D(2) point symmetry of the so-called 'saddle' form: the dihedral angles between neighboring benzo[b]thio-phene units are 61.33 (4), 61.61 (4), 56.443 (14) and 58.32 (4)°. The short distance [3.545 (1) Å] between an S atom and the(More)
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