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Remanufacturing is an ideal form of recycling because it recaptures some of the costs of labor, energy, and manufacturing in addition to the cost of materials. However, Current products that present some characteristic, such as small batch, individuation, multispecies and timeliness, bring some challenge to traditional remanufacturing production. Develop(More)
In this paper, the problem of adaptive backstepping repetitive learning control is addressed for a class of periodically time-varying discrete-time strict-feedback systems. A repetitive learning least squares algorithm is applied for parameter estimation, where the lower bound for the control gain is introduced to avoid the potential singularity. An(More)
This paper considers sampled-data iterative learning control for a class of nonlinear continuous-time systems with initial shifts. A conventional sampled-data learning algorithm is examined in the presence of an initial shift. An impulsive action is shown to be involved in the resultant input profile as the sampling period tends to zero, which indicates(More)
A flexible multifunctional system based on robot surfacing is established, which consists of four subsystems: central controlling subsystem, 3D laser measuring subsystem, digital gas-shield arc welding subsystem and robot subsystem. The system can be easily employed to automatic rapid forming or remanufacturing operation, under the control of the central(More)
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