Sheng Zhong Cui

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Using an event-related fMRI procedure, we investigated the role of the human cerebellum in sequential finger movements. Subjects performed a delayed sequential finger movement task in which an instructive cue preceded the imperative signal by 16.5 s. Bilateral activation was observed in the cerebellum following both the cue and imperative signals. The(More)
BACKGROUND The striatum has been implicated to play a role in the control of voluntary behavior, and striatal synaptic plasticity is involved in instrumental learning. Ethanol is known to alter synaptic plasticity, in turn altering the behavior of human and animals. However, it remains unclear whether the striatum plays a role in the effects of ethanol on(More)
The results of 128 patients with rectal cancer treated by the combination of surgery, preoperative radiotherapy and chemotherapy from June 1975 to December 1979 are reported and compared with those by operation alone. The 5 year survival rates of the different groups were: 69.5% (16/23) for radical surgery plus preoperative radiotherapy and chemotherapy(More)
By means of molecular biology and serology, we detect the infective state of cytomegalovirus in 58 patients with infective disease of respiratory tract. The result shows that the infective state of cytomegalovirus exists in the RTID, but there is no virusemia in patients. The immune response of past-infection of cytomegalovirus in the patients of RTID is(More)
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