Sheng-Yuan Yang

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This paper describes an FAQ system on the Personal Computer (PC) domain, which employs ontology as the key technique to pre-process FAQs and process user query. It is also equipped with an enhanced ranking technique to present retrieved, query-relevant results. Basically, the system bases on the wrapper technique to help clean, retrieve, and transform FAQ(More)
This paper discusses how ontology helps case-based reasoning to provide better FAQ services. The proposed CBR technique works as a FAQ proxy service between the users and the backend process of a FAQ system. It can reason about adapted answers for given user queries, with the help of domain ontology, from past query cases stored in the case library, which(More)
A new ontology-supported and hybrid recommending information system for scholars was proposed. Not only can it fast integrate specific domain documents, but also it can extract important information from them through the hybrid filtering technology to take information integration and recommendation ranking. The experiment outcomes proved that the(More)
This paper presents a system to collect information through the cooperation of intelligent agent software, in addition to providing warnings after analysis to monitor and predict some possible error indications among controlled objects in the network. This technique derived from the ontology combining Ethereal and Cacti, which store the operating(More)
This paper discusses how ontology helps Web information processing in a multi-agent system to provide better Web services. We propose the ontology-supported solution integration and proxy techniques for Web information processing, which not only helps the user find out proper, integrated query results in accordance with his/her proficiency level or(More)