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This paper describes an FAQ system on the Personal Computer (PC) domain, which employs ontology as the key technique to pre-process FAQs and process user query. It is also equipped with an enhanced ranking technique to present retrieved, query-relevant results. Basically, the system bases on the wrapper technique to help clean, retrieve, and transform FAQ(More)
An ontology-supported ubiquitous interface agent and its interaction diagram with the backend information agent system, i.e., OntoIAS, in cloud computing environments were proposed. The agent employs the CURRL to transform user commands into internal canonical format to conveniently process those commands by OntoIAS, which can avoid numerous, jumbled, and(More)
This paper presented new methodology of intelligent energy-saving system to accomplish the goal of real energy-saving from the view-point of system-orient strategy instead of materials. In this system design included sensors of temperature, humidity, luminance, CO2, and power detector(smart outlets) in addition to designing backend intelligent agent(More)
This paper proposed a three-tier Proxy Agent working as a mediator between the users and the backend process of a FAQ system. The first tier makes use of an improved sequential patterns mining technique to propose effective query prediction and cache services. The second tier employs an ontology-supported case-based reasoning technique to propose adapted(More)
This study is a creative and initial work focused on designing an intelligent living-space with automatic control system to control all home appliances in the living space. First of all, the system was constructed with two parts; one is remote control mechanism with Bluetooth (BT) module mounting on both master controller module (remote controller) and(More)