Sheng-Yi Zhao

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Regarding big data set, the efficiency is low when the numeric-attributes with a lot of values. This article which applied SPRINT algorithm bases on "the pure intervals" in the graduation design process management system .The algorithm excludes the candidate splitter points in "the pure intervals" at first, then computes gini indexes remained, finally(More)
This article explore the feasibility of using Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) and Transmittance (NIT) Spectroscopy (908.1-1677.2 nm wavelength range) to identify maize hybrid purity, and compare the performance of NIR and NIT spectroscopy. Principle Component Analysis (PCA) and Orthogonal Linear Discriminant Analysis (OLDA) were used to reduce the dimension(More)
As semiconductor technology scales into deep submicron regime, transient fault vulnerability of both combinational logic and sequential logic increase rapidly. It is predicted that in 2011 transient fault rate of combinational logic will overtake that of sequential logic in processor. In this paper, particle radiation-induced multi-bit transient faults in(More)
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