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This paper introduces the functional structure and framework of a universal GML schema-based parser. A valid algorithm for parsing various application schemas of GML is discussed in this paper. By making researches on intrinsic mechanism of core schemas, a set of grammatical and semantic parsing APIs are established to implement GML data parsing. The APIs(More)
Most of the 3D's data acquisition for buildings is a huge project, while the existing 2D data has not been fully exploited. This paper puts forward a method based on the existing 2D vector data to construct the simulated 3D map service. The key technique is to introduce the city 2D building's attribute “height” as elevation data, then based on(More)
Based on cell complex theory, after analyzing the corresponding relationship among cell, cell complex and 3D spatial solid, a formal definition for 3D spatial solid is presented. Through analyzing the geometric constructing relationship between cell and cell complex, we induce element boundary define and adhesive relationship existed in 3D spatial object;(More)
In order to effectively solve the dynamic vehicle routing problem with time window, an insertion heuristic algorithm was proposed. In this algorithm, in order to reduce the time of searching routes, before searching all of the current routes, a set of candidate paths were selected by using GIS buffer analysis function under the new demand points. Meanwhile,(More)
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