Sheng-Wei Huang

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Grid computing integrates abundant distributed resources into a single large-scale problem solving environment for parallel applications. However, the grid is a non-dedicated and dynamic computing environment. Grid applications consequently compete with each other for non-dedicated shared resources; moreover, shared resources are probably reclaimed by their(More)
In this paper, we describe our experience of creating an OpenMP implementation of Bit-reversal for Fast Fourier Transform programs from the existing un-parallelizable sequential algorithm. The aim of this work is to present an analysis of a case study showing the development of a shared memory parallel Bit-reversal for the FFT parallel code with practical(More)
With the increase in the bandwidth needs of network service, the customer requirements for Quality of Service (QoS) are also higher. Although the QoS guarantees can be offered by signing the Service Level Agreement (SLA), the costs of infrastructures are increased as well. This paper proposes a shortest path algorithm based on SLA, combined with the(More)
MapReduce is an important programming model for large-scale parallel applications. It divides a job into several parallel tasks and completes the job by sequential phases, i.e. map phase and reduce phase. The job completion time will be delayed when a task, called straggler, consumes more time than others. The main reason that a straggler occurs is the(More)
In this paper, we introduce a parallel version of the Fast Fourier Transform that was created using OpenMP in SPMD style. Our implementation is non-recursive and is based on the conventional Cooley-Tukey algorithm written in C. The aim of this work is show the potential benefit of writing our FFT algorithm in SPMD style which enabled an efficient use of(More)
With the advancement of network virtualization, physical and virtual network managements become more and more complex and difficult. This article presents a framework, Hierarchical Management System of Virtual Network (HMSVN), including the functions of network virtualization and the features of hierarchical management. The system is implemented on NetFPGA(More)
In this paper, we propose a new dynamic approachfor addressing the allocation problem of the pagebasedscratch-pad memory (SPM) in embeddedsystems. The main characteristic of the proposedapproach is to merge small basic blocks of a programinto big regions, and then perform the SPM allocationonly when the control flow of the program istransmitted from one(More)
With the rapid development of network technology and popularity of virtualization, the importance of developing an adaptive management system for such physical and virtual network environment is obvious increasing. Not simply do the demand systems keep the convenience of virtualization, but conform to the hierarchy of system administration. This article(More)
Bit-reversal is widely known being an important program, as essential part of Fast Fourier Transform. If not carefully and well designed, it may easily take large portion of FFT application's total execution time. In this paper, we present a parallel implementation of Bit-reversal for FFT using Cilk and UPC. Based on our previous work of creating parallel(More)