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Purification, structure and anti-radiation activity of melanin from Lachnum YM404.
Compared with the control groups, superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase activities in mice of experiment groups (LEG and HEG) were improved significantly while malondialdehyde content were decreased significantly, indicating that LEM404-a had strong anti-ultraviolet radiation activity. Expand
Isolation, Purification, and Anti-Aging Activity of Melanin from Lachnum singerianum
The results showed that LIM-a can significantly increase body weight, thymus indexes, and spleen indexes of the aged mice; effectively elevate the levels of SOD, GSH-PX, and CAT; and decrease the level of MDA in mice liver homogenate, brain homogenates, and serum, indicating that Lim-a had significant anti-aging activity. Expand
Structural characterization, molecular modification and hepatoprotective effect of melanin from Lachnum YM226 on acute alcohol-induced liver injury in mice.
The present findings recommend that Lachnum YM226 and GLM may be used as a prototype for the prevention of alcoholic liver injury. Expand
Antioxidant activity of a Lachnum YM226 melanin-iron complex and its influence on cytokine production in mice with iron deficiency anemia.
Lachnum YM226 melanin-iron complex was efficient at ameliorating the anemia symptoms, improving the activities of antioxidant enzymes and adjusting the immune dysfunction of anaemic mice, demonstrating that LM-Fe might be exploited as an efficient and multifunctional iron supplement. Expand