Sheng-Shian Li

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A vibrating polysilicon micromechanical " hollow-disk " ring resonator obtained by removing quadrants of material from a solid disk resonator, but purposely leaving intact beams of material to non-intrusively support the structure, has been demonstrated in several vibration modes spanning Furthermore, the use of notched support attachments closer to actual(More)
  • Y.-W Lin, S.-S Li, Z Ren, C, T.-C Nguyen, Yu-Wei Lin +5 others
  • 2006
Vibrating micromechanical resonators with solid dielectric capacitive-transducer 'gaps', " Abstract—VHF and UHF MEMS-based vibrating micro-mechanical resonators equipped with new solid dielectric (i.e., filled) capacitive transducer gaps to replace previously used air gaps have been demonstrated at 160 MHz, with Q's ~ 20,200 on par with those of air-gap(More)
2 2 2 4 p o x V A Q d KM R ε = 2 2 2 2 − = n q ζ , E R f o) 2 2 (2 σ ρ π ζ + = , σ ξ − = 1 2 , () [ ] () 2 n nq q n q n n n The quartz crystal used in the reference oscillator in a wireless communication transceiver is among the most difficult to integrate on chip. On-chip devices capable of matching its Q (on the order of 10,000) and temperature stability(More)
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