Sheng Qing Hu

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We present in this article an external memory algorithm, called disk SA-IS (DSA-IS), to exactly emulate the induced sorting algorithm SA-IS previously proposed for sorting suffixes in RAM. DSA-IS is a new disk-friendly method for sequentially retrieving the preceding character of a sorted suffix to induce the order of the preceding suffix. For a(More)
Organic photovoltaic materials have recently seen intense interest from the research community. Improvements in device performance are occurring at an impressive rate; however, visualization of the active layer phase separation still remains a challenge. This paper outlines the application of two electron energy-loss spectroscopic (EELS) imaging techniques(More)
Controlling crystal nucleation is a crucial step in obtaining high quality protein crystals for structure determination by X-ray crystallography. Carbon nanomaterials (CNMs) including carbon nanotubes, graphene oxide, and carbon black provide a range of surface topographies, porosities and length scales; functionalisation with two different approaches, gas(More)
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