Sheng-Ping L Hwang

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Human synuclein family consists of alpha-, beta-, and gamma-synucleins. Here, we cloned three genes, sncb, sncga and sncgb from zebrafish. They encode beta-, gamma1-, and gamma2-synucleins,(More)
We expressed zebrafish p53 protein fused to GFP by a neuron-specific HuC promoter in zebrafish embryos. Instead of displaying neuronal expression patterns, p53-GFP was targeted to zebrafish YSL(More)
To determine the physiological functions of a novel death-specific protein gene, Skeletonema costatum DSP-1 (ScDSP-1) in a marine diatom, Skeletonema costatum, the mRNA abundance of ScDSP-1 was(More)