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Riluzole-induced block of voltage-gated Na+ current and activation of BKCa channels in cultured differentiated human skeletal muscle cells.
Investigation of the effects of riluzole on ion currents in cultured differentiated human skeletal muscle cells found inhibition of I(Na) and stimulation of BK(Ca)-channel activity caused by this drug are partly, if not entirely, responsible for its muscle relaxant actions in clinical setting. Expand
Characterizing the effects of Eugenol on neuronal ionic currents and hyperexcitability
The synergistic blocking effects of INa and INa(NI) contributes to the main mechanism through which EUG affects the firing of neuronal APs and modulate neuronal hyperexcitability such as pilocarpine-induced temporal lobe seizures. Expand
Potent stimulation of large‐conductance Ca2+‐activated K+ channels by rottlerin, an inhibitor of protein kinase C‐δ, in pituitary tumor (GH3) cells and in cortical neuronal (HCN‐1A) cells
Rottlerin may directly activate BKCa channels in neurons or endocrine cells, and IK(Ca) elicited by simulated action potential waveforms was enhanced by this compound. Expand
Large-conductance Ca2+- activated K+ channels:physiological role and pharmacology.
  • Sheng-Nan Wu
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Current medicinal chemistry
  • 31 March 2003
The increased activity of BK(Ca) channels thus serves as a negative feedback mechanism to limit Ca(2+) influx in excitable cells and can be important for therapeutic interventions. Expand
Inhibitory effect of the plant-extract osthole on L-type calcium current in NG108-15 neuronal cells.
The channel-blocking properties of osthole may, at least in part, contribute to the underlying mechanisms by which it affects neuronal or neuroendocrine function in mice neuroblastoma and rat glioma hybrid cell line. Expand
Contribution of BKCa-Channel Activity in Human Cardiac Fibroblasts to Electrical Coupling of Cardiomyocytes-Fibroblasts
It is demonstrated that a large-conductance, Ca2+-activated K+ (BKCa) channel with single-channel conductance of 162 ± 8 pS is functionally expressed in human cardiac fibroblasts. Expand
Electrophysiological mechanisms of ventricular arrhythmias in relation to Andersen-Tawil syndrome under conditions of reduced IK1: a simulation study.
The spectrum of VAs in ATS may include 1) triggered activity mediated by EADs and/or D ADs and 2) abnormal automaticity manifested as spontaneous APs, especially during physical activity. Expand
Rutaecarpine-induced block of delayed rectifier K+ current in NG108-15 neuronal cells
Results show that rutaecarpine is a blocker of the K(DR) channel and prolonged action potential duration in NG108-15 cells, which can be explained mainly by its blocking actions on I(K(DR). Expand
The mechanism of the actions of oxaliplatin on ion currents and action potentials in differentiated NG108-15 neuronal cells.
The effects of OXAL on ion currents presented here may contribute to its neurotoxic actions in vivo. Expand
Bisoprolol, Known to Be a Selective β1-Receptor Antagonist, Differentially but Directly Suppresses IK(M) and IK(erg) in Pituitary Cells and Hippocampal Neurons
It is demonstrated that in pituitary cells and hippocampal neurons the presence of BIS is capable of directly and differentially suppressing IK (M) and IK(erg), despite its antagonism of β1-adrenergic receptors. Expand