Sheng-Jye Hwang

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A numerical procedure has been applied for investigating the temperature distribution in a smooth tread bias tire of a light truck, operated under different speeds, pneumatic pressures, and loading conditions. Prior to simulation by the finite element analysis, two separate sets of testing, namely dynamic mechanical testing and material testing, have been(More)
Preliminary notes For some injection moulding processes, the tool must be kept at high temperature when injecting plastic melt. Conventionally, this is achieved by heating the tool with hot oil or water, but heating the entire tool will cause unnecessary energy consumption. Previous studies show that using external induction in order to heat the surface of(More)
Although wafer-level camera lenses are a very promising technology, problems such as warpage with time and non-uniform thickness of products still exist. In this study, finite element simulation was performed to simulate the compression molding process for acquiring the pressure distribution on the product on completion of the process and predicting the(More)
Image sensors are the core components of computer, communication, and consumer electronic products. Complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors have become the mainstay of image-sensing developments, but are prone to leakage current. In this study, we simulate the CMOS image sensor (CIS) film stacking process by finite element analysis. To(More)
Thermal ablation using alternating electromagnetic fields is a promising method to treat tissues including tumors. With this approach, an electromagnetic field is generated around an induction coil, which is supplied with high frequency current from a power source. Any electrically conducting object, which is placed in the electromagnetic field, is then(More)
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