Sheng-Jiang Zhu

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Iron-based superconductors could be useful for electricity distribution and superconducting magnet applications because of their relatively high critical current densities and upper critical fields. SmFeAsO₀.₈F₀.₁₅ is of particular interest as it has the highest transition temperature among these materials. Here we show that by introducing a low density of(More)
A systematic study of the π/π ratio in heavy-ion collisions with the same neutron/proton ratio but different masses can help single out effects of the nuclear mean field on pion production. Based on simulations using the IBUU04 transport model, it is found that the π/π ratio in head-on collisions of Ca+Ca, Sn +Sn and Au+Au at beam energies from 0.25 to 0.6(More)
Polyethylenes (PE) with long chain branching (LCB) densities up to 0.44 carbons/10 000 carbons and narrow molecular weight distributions were synthesized using a continuous stirred-tank reactor (CSTR) with the Dow Chemical’s constrained geometry catalyst system, CGCTi/TPFPB/MMAO, in Isopar E solution at 500 psig and 140–1908C. Rheological properties of(More)
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