Sheng-Hui Meng

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Optical code-division multiple-access (OCDMA) has been considered as a good candidate to provide optical layer security. In this paper, an enhanced OCDMA network security mechanism with pseudo-noise (PN) type of M-sequence coding switching is presented to against eavesdropping. Signature code unique to each OCDMA network user is reconfigured in accordance(More)
This paper presents a spread radio-on-fiber wavelength-division multiplexed (Radio-over-WDM) scheme of transport system. In this paper, user-extension effect is investigated on using only one broadband light source in the local oscillator (LO). Not only effectively reduces the complexity of system, but also reduces the cost of system construction. After(More)
In this paper, we construct a composite label sets for optical multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) network. Relatively prime lengths maximal-length (M-sequence) codes are taken to compose into spectral-amplitude coding (SAC) labels. These composite M-labels possess good orthogonality and are compatible with packet labels stacking. With correlation(More)
Throughput of wireless packet transfer generally depends on the signal strength of wireless communication. The architecture of Wireless Distribution System (WDS) in an IEEE 802.11-based environment can avoid the decline of wireless signals and keep the data packet throughput by delivering packets among access points. This paper focuses on WDS and proposes(More)
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