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In many scenarios, sensor nodes have to rely on a limited supply of energy (using batteries). To support long lifetime of wireless sensor networks (WSN), an energy-efficient way of operation of the WSN is necessary. In this paper, we propose a new controlled layer deployment (CLD) routing protocol to guarantee coverage and energy efficiency on a sensor(More)
Thermal imaging is one of the most promising methods of probing the psychological status of human beings because of its non-invasiveness. This study develops a new method of assessing the stress status in real time. The differential energy between philtrum (located in the maxillary area) and forehead (DEFP) algorithm is developed to amplify and extract(More)
This letter introduces a novel passive beamformer which uses Bridge function sequence as spreading sequence weights for every antenna element. The set of Bridge function sequences have zero correlation zones (ZCZs) in their cross-correlation functions (CCFs). Due to the ZCZ properties of Bridge function sequences, the introduced passive beamformer features(More)
---Adaptive modulation and power management has recently been considered as an efficient means to boost communication performance in MIMO-OFDM system. In this work, a new scheme of joint modulation and power management is investigated. It adopts the implementation of a Signal-to-Interference-Noise-Ratio threshold and MQAM-MPSK hybrid modulation structure(More)
In this paper, we present a test pattern generation method based on fault injection for logic elements of FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays). This method is able to perform fault diagnosis for stuck-at-0 and stuck-at-1 faults, which can locate logic resource faults in the logic elements of FPGA. We use EP2C8Q208C8N's LE (Logic Element)(More)