Sheng-Hao Hung

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The essential activities of a museum are multifaceted and include collection, preservation, research, exhibition, education, and entertainment. Hence, the march toward a full-fledged digital museum must evolve from the digital library concept with the addition of various interactive edutainment modules. In this paper, we describe various phases of the(More)
In current Web-based hypermedia environments, constructing and maintaining a large-scale interactive aesthetic hypermedia exhibition is a difficult task. In particular, the shaping of presentation styles requires tedious multimedia composing and is indeed extremely laborious. As our first step toward developing an intelligent styling system for digital(More)
The real life intelligent applications such as agents, expert systems, dialog understanding systems, weather forecasting systems, robotics etc. mainly focus on commonsense knowledge And basically these works on the knowledgebase which contains large amount of commonsense knowledge. The main intention of this work is to create a commonsense knowledgebase by(More)
Automatic semantic annotation based on domain-specific ontologies is a one of the critical issues for the success of the semantic web. Most existing approaches focused on the detection of concepts such as named entities, dates, monetary amounts. This study explores automatic semantic annotation techniques for applications using relation-centric ontologies(More)
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